What is your skin made of? Where do your hydrating skincare products act? Why do they work or why don’t they? Many of these questions come to our minds everyday and every time we use skincare products. Sometimes we see results, sometimes we don’t, but many times we don’t understand how they really work. In the following article, I’ll be explaining briefly why and how S Natural Oil hydrates your skin.

Your skin is composed of three different layers. The lowermost layer is called hypodermis, and it is made up of fat. This layer helps maintain your body temperature and it protects your muscles and bones as it attaches the rest of your skin to your body. The second layer is called dermis; this layer of your skin is rich in connective tissue, collagen and elastin, and it contains different structures such as sweat glands, nerve endings, blood vessels and hair roots. The most superficial layer of your skin, the one you can actually see, is called epidermis, and here is where action happens. Your epidermis has different layers of its own, but today we’ll be speaking only about the most external part of it, the corneal stratum.

The corneal stratum is made of keratinocytes and lipids. Together, they create a protective film against the outer world that, at the same time, prevents water loss. Water is contained in the other layers of your skin, and with time, the lipids that maintain keratinocytes together lose strength. This happens because of sun exposure, the use of chemicals, high or low temperatures, hormones, genes, nutrition or age itself. When these lipids are weak, they let water escape easily, making skin look dehydrated, less toned, wrinkled and unhealthy.

Having that in mind, three drops of S Natural Oil’s natural formula makes the lipids on your epidermis stronger, helping maintain the cells of the most external layer of your skin together, preventing water loss and making your skin toned, healthier and younger. 

Your skin is naturally beautiful, you just need to give it what it really needs. It’s Natural. It’s You.

By Dr. Alexandra Covo


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