About Us



It all began many years ago when Dr. German Covo Segrera, our father, became passionate about the medicinal properties of plants. During his research and as a prestigious internationally acclaimed dermatologist, he discovered many exotic ingredients from Colombia, our natal country, which he used and recommended to many of his patients, creating afterwards several products rich in antioxidants and other magnificent properties of natural ingredients. He has always believed that plant-based products are perfect to highlight people’s real selves and naturality.

Inspired by his beliefs and life work, we, the eldest and youngest daughters, Sabina as a journalist and Alexandra as a physician, decided to continue his legacy by creating our own antioxidant, antiaging, and epidermal barrier repairer: S Natural Oil. Made of exotic ingredients such as coconut from the Caribbean, Cacay from the Colombian Amazon and Corozo from the coasts of South America, it carries all the sophisticated, wild and natural benefits of our country.

We truly believe, that in a world where beauty has been labeled, the only thing we want is to show ourselves, just the way we are. That is why S Natural Oil is as natural as you are.